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Our Stock

Over the last 10 years we have sourced the best performing lofts throughout Europe and visited their lofts in an attempt to build a super family of pigeons. We have Purchased Direct Children of Champions such as "Rossi", "De Power", "De Jan", "Nieuwe Rossi", "Euro" (Heremans-Cuesters), "Pitbull" (Karel Laenen/Rudy Van Reeth), "De Jul", "De Vale", "Schone Blauwe", "Vader Tornado", "Moeder Tornado", "Den Donkere Pitbull"  (Yves De Wit),"Lady Pitbull", "Favourite Pitbull", "Grizzly Breed Wonder", "Blue Wonder Mother" (Vermeerbergen-Wilms-Mostmans), "Friendship", "Cowgirl", "Nike" (Rik/Jan Hermans), "Kanon" (Danny Van Dyck), "Geeloger" (Koen Minderhoud), "Milos", "Barry", "Amy", "Red Rose", "Late Night Lady" (Verweij-De Haan), "Euro Diamond" (P. & Dr. H.P Brockamp), "Harry" (Jan Hooymans)

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