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May pigeons is a Pigeon Racing and Breeding Centre based in West Sussex.

May pigeons consists of the family team of John May Snr and his son Darren May along with his wife Sarah and their eldest son ​Josh. One shared stock loft with two separate racing lofts in different locations – J May & Son (John) and Mr & Mrs May & Son (Darren, Sarah and Josh).

They have been involved in the sport for decades, John in the early 1980’s had a very successful partnership with Joe Grant as Grant and May (assisted by Darren) winning up to 40 x 1sts a season. After this partne​rship ended in 1984, John and Darren then raced together as a father and son partnership for many years living in Surrey. Racing the renowned widowhood cock “Cheeky” with 23 individual 1st prizes. John and Darren achieved success at the highest level including 1st National Perpignan, 1st National Bihorel, 2 x 2nd NFC YB National from St Malo (& Car winner) against 10,897 b and 10,072 b, 1st L&SECC La Ferté Bernard, 1st L&SECC Alençon, 5 x 1st Combine with up to 8,000 pigeons competing and numerous 1st Prizes at Club and Federation level along with a host of other top prizes at Club, Fed, Combine, Section and National level. At the end of the 2007 season the decision was taken to hold an entire clearance sale and a couple of years were taken for family time and to recharge batteries.

During their absence from the sport both John and Darren continued to follow developments in the sport and to see who was winning from where and with what.

John recommenced racing from the current address in West Sussex in 2015 and Darren, Sarah and Josh’s move to be near John enabled them to commence racing in the 2016 YB season.

As mentioned earlier in the introduction the two racing lofts share a stock loft and this produces the youngsters for both lofts to race. Through their contacts May Pigeons have introduced the absolute cream from lofts at the top of their game at the distances they specialize at and only from their very best. These, if youngsters from the nest, are tested in the race loft and the best are then moved to the breeding loft or if mature are placed in the breeding loft and their offspring are tested in both partnerships racing lofts and sent to one or two other lofts to “road test”, from these only those who produce the goods are retained.

Since the first race of the 2017 season to the end of the 2021 season the two race lofts of May Pigeons have won 1st Open BICC National 2020, 126 x 1sts Club, 55 x 1sts Federation (against up to 4,000 pigeons) and 4 x 1st Combine, plus two Olympiad representatives for “Team GB” at the 2019 Olympiad to be held at Poznan in Poland.

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