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Combine Queen

Bred by May Pigeons. Elite Breeding granddaughter of De Jan and De Power


Combine Queen is responsible for winners including

1st Section A NFC National 127 miles

1st Section G BBC National 177 miles

1st Combine 1696 birds

1st Federation 2318 birds

1st Federation 1821 birds

1st Federation 1440 birds

1st Federation 1278 birds

1st Federation 1000 birds

1st Federation 977 birds

1st Federation 929 birds

1st Federation 924 birds

1st Federation 889 birds

1st Federation 321 birds

1st Federation 2019

2nd Federation 1805 birds (BBLM)

2nd Federation 1278 birds (BBLM)

2nd Federation 1521 birds (BBLM)

2nd Federation 1301 birds (BBLM)

2nd Federation 1278 birds (BBLM)

2nd Federation 602 birds (BBLM)

2nd Federation 2021 (BBLM)

3rd Combine 2019

3rd Federation 1360 birds (BBLM)

3rd Federation 1152 birds (BBLM)

3rd Federation 746 birds

3rd Federation 726 birds (BBLM)

3rd Federation 643 birds (BBLM)

3rd Federation 2020 (BBLM)

4th Federation 2185 birds (BBLM)

4th Federation 1013 birds (BBLM)

4th Federation 844 birds (BBLM)

5th Open BBC National 1280 birds

5th Combine 1605 birds (BBLM)

5th Federation 1152 birds (BBLM)

5th Federation 752 birds (BBLM)

5th Federation 643 birds (BBLM)

6th Combine 1605 birds (BBLM)

6th Federation 752 birds (BBLM)

6th Federation 2020 (BBLM)

7th Premier 100 Specialist Club 1137 birds (BBLM)

8th SE Section CSCFC

8th Federation 1207 birds

9th Federation 1212 birds (BBLM)

10th Federation 1259 birds

12th Federation 1672 birds 

12th Federation 777 birds

13th CS Section CSCFC 

20th Federation 1147 birds

22nd Open BICC National 

22nd SE Section CSCFC

36th CS Section BICC National

48th Open CSCFC 

57th Open BICC National 



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