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Last Pitbull

Bred by Karel Laenen/ Rudy Van Reeth . Elite Breeding Son of famous Pitbull

Last Pitbull is responsible for many winners including 

1st Section A NFC National 2021

1st Federation 1500 birds

1st Federation 983 birds 

1st Federation 632 birds

1st Federation 318 birds

2nd Federation 1955 birds (BBLM)

3rd SE Section CSCFC

3rd Federation 1955 birds (BBLM)

3rd Federation 1013 birds (BBLM)

3rd Federation 558 birds (BBLM)

4th Section A NFC National 2021

4th Combine 1783 birds (BBLM)

4th Federation 1955 birds (BBLM)

4th Federation 1014 birds (BBLM)

4th Federation 602 birds (BBLM)

5th Federation 1292 birds (BBLM)

6th Federation 1362 birds (BBLM)

6th Premier 100 Specialist Club 727 birds (BBLM)

6th Federation 684 birds

7th Federation 1212 birds (BBLM)

8th Federation 1212 birds (BBLM)

10th Combine 1577 birds 

10th Federation 1796 birds (BBLM)

10th Federation 2020 (BBLM)

12th Federation 1300 birds

15th Federation 1672 birds 

20th Open NFC National 5700 birds 2021

27th Federation 1605 birds (BBLM)

28th Combine 1605 birds (BBLM)

40th Open NFC National 5700 birds 2021


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