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"SPEEDY LADY 790" - GB22V86790 - £1000


SPEEDY LADY 790 - £1000

Stunning hen bred from one of the most proven bloodlines in the UK, direct daughter of the elite breeding couple OLYMPIC NEED FOR SPEED x FAVORIETE LADY!




Olympic Need For Speed is winner of

3rd Olympiad UK 2018/19

1st Federation 1580 birds 119 miles

1st Federation 1521 birds 119 miles

6th Federation 1278 birds 143 miles (BBLM)

16th Federation 1176 birds 119 miles

17th Federation 1763 birds 100 miles


Olympic Need For Speed is responsible for winners including

1st Premier 100 Specialist Club 400 birds 100 miles

1st Federation 2273 birds

1st Federation 1587 birds

1st Federation 1224 birds

1st Federation 636 birds

2nd Federation 763 birds

2nd Federation 399 birds

4th Federation 788 birds 69 miles (BBLM)

4th Premier 100 Specialist Club 1137 birds 100 miles (BBLM)

5th Hotspot Algarve OLR

6th Premier 100 Specialist Club 142 birds 100 miles (BBLM)

28th Federation 752 birds 137 miles (BBLM)

29th Combine 1605 birds 137 miles (BBLM)



Favoriete lady is direct daughter of the world famous breeding couple "Favoriete Pitbull" x "Lady Pitbull"!


Favoriete Lady is responsible for winners including

1st Federation 1923 birds

1st Federation 1723 birds

1st Federation 1291 birds

1st Federation 1101 birds

1st Federation 962 birds

1st Federation 786 birds

2nd Federation 245 birds (BBLM)

3rd Federation 897 birds (BBLM)

3rd Federation 2841 birds

5th Federation 747 birds (BBLM)

6th SE Section CSCFC

7th Federation 1152 birds

14th Section A NFC National

116th Open NFC National


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