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"GRIZZLY 323" - GB22C23323 - £200


GRIZZLY 323 - £200

Cracking cock bred from some of the fastest sprint lines in the world! A grandson of the famous elite racer and breeder "Champion Lone Ranger" 1st Combine and multiple 1st Federation winner! Also grandson of 1st Antwerp Union winner 11,532 birds! Full of champion sprint bloodlines!



Bred by Yves De Wit, Raced by May Pigeons.

This cock is a direct son of Yves De Wit top racer who won 1st Antwerp Union 11,532 birds! Bred through the famous lines of "Pitbull" and "Den Tornado"!

This cock is also winner of 4th Federation 521 birds (Beaten by loft mates)!




A direct daughter of the fantastic elite breeder "Champion Lone Ranger"! 

Champion Lone Ranger is winner of 

1st Combine 1696 birds

1st Federation 929 birds

1st Federation 2019

3rd Federation 1360 birds (BBLM)

3rd Federation 746 birds

3rd Combine 2019

4th Federation 1013 birds (BBLM)

5th Federation 1152 birds (BBLM)

5th Federation 643 birds (BBLM)

10th Federation 1259 birds

Champion Lone Ranger is also responsible for many winners while in both the racing and breeding loft including 1st Combine 2022!



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